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GOLDLIK Times: Sundays at 8:00, 9:45, 11:30 a.m

Goldlik DMX Hanging Ball

With Online Effect Edit

Edit any effect you want on your computer

Supports USB connection to upload effect data in time

Upto 8Gb SD data card supported, Donnt worry about the effect file too large to fit

  • DMX balls have colorful transformation effects

    Built-in multi effect file when leave the factory

    Any effect file is editable for what you want

    You can edit any effect you want to add

  • Goldlik Provide The APP On PC
    to Edit The Effect.

    Using a computer APP to edit the DMX lighting changes

    Let DMX hanging ball transform variety of colorful effect

    Only few steps needed to set the effect

  • Upto 8Gb SD Storage Card Supportted

    Use the SD card to save the data of effect

    There is no limitation of the play effect items count

  • USB Connection is Supported
    to edit effect online

    WYSIWYG-Effects editing on the computer can showed up immediately