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GOLDLIK LED Glowing Furniture Light Core


goldlik music rgbw controller
Music/IR/WIFI Control. Charger Protection. IP65

GOLDLIK development, design and production of light -emitting furniture movement using high-performance processors and micro lithium rechargeable protection program extension programs , performance and security to the highest level

Change the source of movement is fully compatible GOLDLIK GLACS lighting control system, you can use music to control the color of the light source , the use of computers to edit APP overall color changes , support the use of infrared remote control , WIFI, computers and other dimming .

GOLDLIK source movement to optimize the structure design to meet the requirements of IP65 way to support the EU regulations, the US regulations, British regulation , and other specifications of the charger . Built-in lithium battery capacity can be customized


Product Specifications

LED Music Color Controller(GMC-020)

Charger Voltage AC 110V - 220V
Waterproof IP65
RF Freqency 2.4GHz
Control Distance Control signal:1000m / WIFI:20-50m
Work Tempture -25℃~75℃
Product Size 120mm
Weight 122g
Package Weight 122g

Control Interface

IR controller 8-10m
Phone WIFI 30-50m
PC Control RJ45
USB Control File Play